National Lymphatic Centers

First Visits

Hello and Congratulations upon taking ownership of your good health!  

  Thank you for choosing National Lymphatic Centers as a part of your healing.  With 25 years private practice, our patients have taught us to listen with caring discernment to help guide in the direction of renewed health.  

 Your First Visit is an easy decision to be well. Everyone receives consultation, care, resources, and information here, irregardless of race, creed, color, age, gender, demographic group, or ability to offer payment.  For those on a budget, please visit our free day in Downers Grove the second Sunday of each month at Noon for "Lymphormation," call for details 630-241-4100.

 Let's sit, complimentary, and discover the proper health plan for you, or Call Sharon directly at 630-448-4823 to schedule  your First Visit for $300. 90 min evaluation, consultation, and comprehensive manual lymph drainage.  

  Please note, that the time is from start to finish, so if we let it, then consultation may take up all of the time.  My clinical specialty is helping those with lymphedema, lipedema, edema, fibromyalgia, cancer, immune system disorder, muscle spasm, cranial edema or congestion, treatment before or after liposuction or surgery.

During this first visit with Sharon Vogel, CLT, you can expect:
  • To have your health concerns and goals heard over a cup of organic tea in a relaxing and comfortable environment.
  • A customized assessment based on your individual health needs and concerns. 
  • Customized manual treatment based on your personal assessment.
  • Post treatment consultation to inform you of all findings during your treatment, discuss future treatment recommendations and leave you aware and empowered. 
Customized treatment plans are available at discounted rates and may include treatments by One or More of our qualified practitioners in addition to follow ups with Sharon:
  • Lymphstar Instrument with Nick Talbot, CLET, 
  • Manual Therapy of many modalities depending upon your needs and current condition.
Our practitioners can help improve health and wellness for for people of all ages and levels of wellness.

Your customized treatment plan will take into account your treatment goals, time allowances and payment abilities.  

Payment is required at the time of service.* 

* If you have BCBS-PPO, non Medicare, then we can set up a treatment plan with Dr. Renee Matthes, DC for Chiropractic care and Manual Lymph Drainage with Sandra Wallin, CLT after we verify your policy.  Sharon Vogel is direct pay and does not work under insurance.

Sharon M. Vogel 
Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist 227.012509,
Nationally Board Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodytherapist 237.012509 

5002 Main Street, Suite A,  Downers Grove, IL  60515