National Lymphatic Centers (2 locations)

First Visits

Hello and Congratulations upon taking ownership of your good health!  

  Thank you for choosing National Lymphatic Centers as a part of your healing.  With 27 years private practice, our patients have taught us to listen with caring discernment to help guide in the direction of renewed health.  

 Your First Visit is an easy decision to be well. Everyone receives consultation, care, resources, and information here, irregardless of race, creed, color, age, gender, demographic group, or ability to offer payment.  

OPTION 1:  For those on a budget, please visit our free day in Downers Grove the second Sunday of each month at Noon for "Lymphormation," call for details 630-241-4100.

OPTION 2:  Complimentary 15 min consultation.  Please schedule online or call.

OPTION 3:  BCBS-PPO non medicare  Each visit with Dr. Renee Matthes, DC, you may qualify for a 40 min manual therapy with Nick Talbot.  Please call 630-755-5250.  

OPTION 4:  Combo Visit of Manual Lymphatic Drainage & High Frequency of Lymphstar 
Pro Instrument, ultrasonic with Nick Talbot, CLET, CLT, LMT, BS-Biomedical

OPTION 5:  Comprehensive visit with Sharon M. Vogel
Let's sit, complimentary, and discover the proper health plan for you, Call Sharon to schedule a comprehensive visit.
$300. 90 min evaluation, consultation, and comprehensive manual lymph drainage.  

  My clinical specialty is helping those with lymphedema, lipedema, edema, fibromyalgia, cancer, immune system disorder, muscle spasm, cranial edema or congestion, treatment before or after liposuction or surgery.

During this first visit with a CLT, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, you can expect:
  • To have your health concerns and goals heard in a relaxing and comfortable environment.
  • A customized assessment based on your individual health needs and concerns. 
  • Measurements
  • Customized manual treatment based on your personal assessment.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Skin Care
  • Post treatment consultation & self care to inform you of all findings during your treatment, discuss future treatment recommendations and leave you aware and empowered. 
Customized treatment plans are available at discounted rates and may include treatments by One or More of our qualified practitioners.

Our practitioners can help improve health and wellness for people of all ages and levels of wellness.

Your customized treatment plan will take into account your treatment goals, time allowances and payment abilities.  


Himalayan Salt Scrub, Organic Coconut Oil Massage with Warm Basalt Stones

Hello and thank you for connecting!

Not only is January our toughest month weather wise, making our skin dry, sensitive, and scratchy, but also nerves get shot with post-holiday stress and worry.

If you are reading this, then no doubt all of November and December you took care of others first. Sometimes, overextending is the nature of our society as we are giving by nature. Now you are given permission for some post-year-end rest and recuperation.

We offer to you a fortifying time to dump your anxiety and fill up with natural, healthy, pampering, and grounding experience,

Experience "The Exquisite Wellness" with this January & February delight on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday with Sharon M. Vogel, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Practitioner.

~90 min "The Exquisite Wellness":

~Organic Peppermint essential oil for scalp, neck, and back

~Dry brushing on arms, legs, and back

~Organic warmed coconut oil and Himalayan salt scrub for hands & feet

~Warm basalt stone massage. (90 min $225.)

This exquisite method boosts the immune system, brightens your glow, and gives your muscles the release needed. It is that simple. Click to Schedule.

This also makes a superb Valentine's gift to self or others! Click to purchase instant gift.

~The beginning of "Exquisite Wellness"...

Your sensory-encompassing retreat begins by a cup of either chamomile or other offered choices to relax your nerves. Then, as you sink into a heated memory-foam padded table, your forehead tension is relieved through skilled myofascial release and lymph drainage all awhile Himalayan singing bowl meditation music plays. Now peppermint essential oil invigorates scalp pressure points. This is where science and nature join.

~Then the unveiling...

The cleansing continues in this safe and secure environment as your hands that serve & your feet that support you are gently honored by a scrub of Himalayan salt scrub. Now the body brushes increase circulation to every inch of arms, legs, back to remove all that no longer serves you.

~Pampering indulgence...

Warm basalt stones, just the right temperature with custom massage pressure, soothe and release muscle tension, allowing a renewed vitality for a new year.

~Preferences, customized for you:

This experience is built around your particular requests. To reserve your customized time and space, please call me direct so that we may design your service upon your needs.

This service is not available online, but by direct reservation. You are welcome to customize your time, massage modality, and price:

~"Simple Serenity": 30 min choice of either back or forehead, face, and neck & shoulder Swedish massage. $30

~"A Good Stress Reliever": 30 min Back massage (Deep Tissue $45.)

~"Indulgent": 30 min Back & arm massage. You receive dry brushing, peppermint scalp massage, and warm stone massage (Swedish $45., Deep Tissue $75.)

~"A Pampering Space": 60 min Anterior Body/supine/face up body treatment. Hands & Feet receive salt scrub with steaming towels, arms & legs receive dry brushing, peppermint scalp massage, and warm stone massage. (Swedish $90., Deep Tissue $150.)

A full variety of time allotment and pricing varies as to your preferences, call to consult.

Thank you,

Best of Health & Happiness

Sharon M. Vogel

C- 630-377-4344



After 27 years of professionally licensed bodywork and certified esthetic skin care, I have learned to treat the body as a whole, realizing that when skin is stressed, the heart, mind, and immune system is usually stressed as well. The body is a map, know that what happens on the inside shows on the outside. I am here to clean house and strengthen your fortress.